Window Installation in Fontana, CA

Window Installation in Fontana, CA

United Builders offers Fontana homeowners some of the best quality windows and doors at some of the lowest prices. With the summers getting over 100°F along with the Santa Ana winds, locals understand how vital an energy-efficient home is. High-quality windows with proper installation will help keep your home cool without your AC unit having to work overtime. Dual-pane vinyl windows will keep the heat out of your home during the summer. Their weatherproof technology will keep them sealed, preventing any cool air from escaping through leaks or cracks in the window or frame. In addition to keeping your home more comfortable, they also look stunning! Their contemporary design will give your home an instant facelift and increase its curb appeal.

As a family-owned company with 19 years in business, we understand bring our customers the most value. Instead of paying a fortune on advertising or sales commissions, we focus on providing 100% customer satisfaction. We can save you as much as 20-50% of our competitor’s costs for the same product! In addition to this, we even offer financing on our window and door replacements. Our unique program provides 100% financing with no up-front fees, same as cash, and no prepayment penalties. To learn more or see if you qualify, give us a call at (909) 969-8976.

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If you want to keep your Fontana home cool during the summer and save on your energy bill month after month, look no further! You can even schedule a free consultation where we determine the best plan of action depending on your personal preference, home, and budget. To learn more about United Builders or schedule your free consultation, visit our “Contact Us” page or call us at (909) 969-8976.

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