Top 5 Window Trends for 2021

January 27, 2021 by


Top 5 Window Trends for 2021

2021 is here, and so are the window trends that are going to be big this year. As more people spend time indoors, the look of windows is becoming an integral aspect of interior design. This blog will go over the top 5 window trends for 2021 to make sure your windows are up with the times.

With stay-at-home orders during the pandemic, homeowners have begun tackling home improvement projects to better the look of the homes. Windows are an ideal investment as they give homeowners the opportunity to freshen up the look, energy-efficiency level, and ventilation of their home. As windows are becoming great additions to homes this year, it’s good to know what the window trends are for 2021.

1. Large Windows

This 2021, bright interior spaces are becoming a vital element of interior home aesthetics. People want more glass and less frame. Due to people spending time at home more than ever before, having a bright, positive home environment is becoming essential. Large windows provide just that, making them one of the biggest windows trends for 2021. Plus, the use of modern interior design is on the rise. Large windows are one of the essential aspects of contemporary interior design.

2. Indoor-Outdoor Living

Another trend that’s here to stay is creating a seamless connection from indoors to outdoors. In fact, during the pandemic, people have made home improvements to their outdoor areas to create a sense of serenity obtained with a nice outdoor sanctuary. People want to feel more connected to nature since they can be outside as much as before. Indoor-outdoor living is a beautiful bridge between people’s homes and the natural world. This design trend centers around creating multi-functional outdoor spaces where families can relax, entertain, work, and play.

3. Accessibility

As baby boomers are aging, this big population is choosing to stay at home rather than go to retirement homes. With more seniors staying home, the need for accessibility is on the rise. Opening and closing old, drafty windows can be difficult, especially if you’re in your golden years. That is why this 2021, easy operation is a significant element that people are looking for in their windows. This feature can basically be found in all new windows. Home designers are also taking into account the incorporation accommodations that make homes more livable for people of all needs.

4. Black Window Frames

This year, black window frames have made a statement, and it looks like they’re here to stay. With the rise of “modern traditional,” black window frames are rapidly overshadowing white window frames. While white window frames offer a more classical, traditional aesthetic, people this year are opting for bolder, more modern styles that will be prevalent this year. Whether you’re planning on selling your home or completing a much-needed renovation, black window frames will dramatically enhance your home’s curb appeal.

5. Energy-Efficiency

With people becoming more aware of the climatic changes taking place globally, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and do something to help protect the environment. Energy-efficient windows are one of the best ways of doing so. This year, people are investing in energy-efficient windows more so than before. Aside from these windows helping protect the environment, they also help homeowners save money on their electric bills, improve their home’s comfort, reduce condensation, and increase light and visibility.

Windows in 2021 are going to be an integral part of people’s homes. People are looking for larger, more accessible windows that give home a nice touch of style. We hope this blog helped you see what the top 5 windows trends for 2021 will be. If your old windows need to be replaced to be consistent with what’s trending this 2021, give United Builders a call at (619) 583-7171 or visit our website for a free consultation.