Tips on What to Look for in a Window Replacement Company

May 31, 2020 by


If you are looking to replace your windows and patio doors, you might be wondering if you could do it yourself or get some help from a friend of a family member, but window replacement is not a DIY project. There are multiple advantages to hiring a professional to do your installation as opposed to do it yourselfer. The do-it-yourselfer is usually not factory trained or authorized to install the products, so it often will void your warranty. And you want a warranty, so go with the professional.

So how do you find a quality window replacement company?

Word-of-mouth advertising is a very valuable form of advertising. Talk to your friends and your neighbors. Who have they used? What kind of experience do they have? If somebody does refer a company to you, they probably have a website. After reviewing their website, read through their Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews. These 3rd party websites will generally give you non-biased feedback on the company’s past performance.

Do research. What you’re looking for is a company that is licensed, bonded, insured, and they have their dedicated crews. 

Another thing to look for in a window replacement company is the estimate or the pricing that they’ll give you when they come out to your house. Be very aware of a company that will come out to your home, take the measurements, and leave you an estimate. An estimate is a guess, and they tend to change from the day that you sign your paperwork to the day that you do your work. What you look for, is a company that will take the time to talk to you about your window project, find out what your needs are, take the time to share the benefits of their product with you, clearly and concisely in writing spell out every aspect of your project and give you a guarantee, that the price will not change from start to finish.

The actual window replacement project

The installation schedule is usually a pretty good determiner as to the quality of the product being installed in your house. If somebody can install the windows in a day or so, then it’s a standard size window, so it is probably not the best window for you. A custom fabricated window is going to be more of a delay between when you sign the paperwork and when it’s installed, but the advantages are the increased value to your property.

American Made Windows and Patio Doors

Another thing to look for in a window replacement company is whether or not their windows are made in the USA. If the windows are made in the USA, it’s probably going to save you some money.

United Builders, Custom Vinyl Dual-Pane Windows & Doors

United Builders is here to help if you are looking to replace your windows in San Bernardino or Riverside county. We are a General Contractor, not just a window installer, so we do the jobs other companies don’t want to do. For example, carpentry (replacing rotten wood), new headers, drywall, stucco, sky wall windows, opening up walls and reducing/enlarging window sizes. Call us at (909) 969-8976, and our experts will take a look at your project and help you decide the best option for your unique situation.