Tips for a Successful Window Replacement Project

May 11, 2022 by


Couple looking at new windows - Tips for a Successful Window Replacement Project

When you get replacement windows for your home, there are lots of steps you are going to have to do correctly before the new windows go in and the project is complete. Some of those decisions will be on the small side, but really, even the little things add up into one big windows replacement project. Here are some of the bigger window replacement choices you will want to take your time in making so you can confidently move ahead and enjoy the results on the other side of the window replacement project.

The Window Replacement Company You Use

The replacement window company you choose to work with can make or break your project. You want a local window company with a long history and a good reputation. Don’t forget about all the right licensing and insurance papers and, most importantly, the window replacement products that interest you. The company should be there for you to answer questions, but they shouldn’t pester you or pressure you into anything. When you find a good window company to work with, it can make all of the upcoming decisions that much easier.

The Window Frame Material

One of the biggest decisions you are going to have to make is what material you want on the window frames. This will determine costs, longevity, maintenance needs, energy efficiency, and many other things as you continue down the road. Most people choose vinyl today because not only is it the least expensive material, but it’s also the highest in quality and efficiency. At United Builders, we carry replacement windows made from virgin vinyl. That means that they won’t lose their shape, color, and energy efficiency and will serve you for decades. That’s why they carry a double lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. After you choose the materials for the frame, you can move on with other decisions.

The Replacement Window Style

There are lots of replacement window styles from which to choose, including casement and double-hung, two of the most popular. You might choose one style for the whole house, or you might pick different styles based on the room and its individual needs. At United Builders, we have a lot of experience in helping homeowners select the right window styles for their homes, and we offer a free in-home consultation for your window replacement project.

The Replacement Window Glass Pack

The glass pack refers to the panes of glass and any upgrades they include. Modern windows come with double-pane glass as a standard. You could probably still purchase single-pane windows in a hardware store, but they won’t make any difference in energy efficiency compared to your old house windows. You can also have the high-performance glass coated with multiple layers of low-E metal, which reflects heat, but allows in light. And you can put inert gases between the panes instead of air for better insulation. Whatever you choose makes up your glass pack and impacts the job your windows will do later.

The Replacement Window Color

The color you choose for your windows will make the biggest appearance difference. You want something that looks great on your house now but also something that will fit in later if you paint the home. White is the most popular for that reason, but black is second and great for a nice contrast.

If you are ready to make some of these decisions, the professionals at United Builders are there to help you figure out the rest. Every decision you make will have an impact on the end result of your replacement windows. Give us a call, and we will help you layout the options and share more window tips so you can make informed decisions.