The Latest Window Replacement Trends

March 31, 2022 by


The Latest Window Replacement Trends

The last couple of years drastically changed our day-to-day lives. From Zoom calls to endless sanitation and disinfection, we now experience many different things that are the “new normal.” While we were all hanging out a home, many homeowners used the extra time to turn their remodeling visions into reality. One project that became pretty popular was replacing or upgrading windows. With many window replacement projects came several new window trends. Ranging from large-scale to small-scale designs, you can now find the latest window replacement trends in homes everywhere.

Classic Black Window Frames

Black window frames have proven to be a timeless trend that isn’t going anywhere. Dark windows are simple yet versatile and exhibit sophistication and elegance. Pairing this classic look with neutral or light-colored homes creates a color contrast that has become popular among contemporary homes. Black frames draw your eye to the focal point – your windows. When the light hits a certain way, it creates a dramatic, picturesque view. Remember that these black-framed windows absorb heat and elevate your home’s indoor temperature, but you shouldn’t notice the heat too much if you have the proper ventilation.

Go Big with Window Walls 

Big windows became a popular trend when we were all stuck inside during the pandemic because designs like massive picture windows, floor-to-ceiling, and large bay and bow windows connect you with the outdoors without actually going outside. Big windows are also a popular choice because they utilize an immense amount of natural sunlight to illuminate a room during the day. Some homeowners take it a step further and place their big windows along the entirety of a wall to create a breathtaking scenic view straight from the comfort of their home.

Sustainable, Energy-efficient Windows

Sustainable and budget-friendly windows are becoming a standard in the window industry, with more and more homeowners opting for energy-saving options. With energy-efficient windows, your home’s energy consumption is reduced, and the whole thermal enclosure system is improved. Energy-efficient windows are now the way to go.

Awning windows are a great example of an energy-efficient replacement. Awning windows are minimalist and provide sufficient ventilation for your home. They open outward from the top hinge, and their outward opening allows them to remain open in the rain – raindrops roll off the window, keeping the inside of your house dry. They can also be placed higher up on walls, grouped with other windows for maximum airflow, and have multi-locks that add extra security to your home. Single-paned windows are being replaced by durable, double or triple-pane windows that keep your home sustainable. Energy-efficient windows are now the way to go.

Cozy Built-in Window Seats 

Who wouldn’t want a cozy built-in window seat in their home? This window style can take any unused space and turn it into a snug, comfortable nook perfect for relaxing. Most designs come with fitted cabinets or drawers under the bench that provides extra storage. Window seats are also extremely versatile and look great in any corner of your home. You can place a window seat in a bedroom, entryway, living room, den, and kitchen. You create a tranquil and inviting space when you pair the seat with beautiful bay windows or double-hung windows.

Counter Windows for Outdoor/Indoor Connection

Counter windows are for homeowners looking to upgrade their hosting and entertainment areas. This party window design ingeniously connects the home’s interior to your outdoor patios and decks. The windows are usually placed in the kitchen, creating a system that makes food transportation effortless for all your parties. Counter windows upgrade your kitchen space and blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor with natural light and scenic views.

Personal, Customized Window Trims

Traditional plain white trims have become a thing of the past. Homeowners are becoming more daring as they look for new ways their homes can stand out in a crowd. More and more homeowners are customizing their window trims to spice up the look of their homes. There are a variety of materials you can choose from for your windows. Whether you decide on something like vinyl windows with a stylish cherry or oak wooden finish or by mixing and matching color schemes, customization of your window trims can elevate any home.

Sound-reducing Windows

Sound-reducing windows can limit the noise around your home, so you can go on living undisturbed. These windows absorb sounds, quieting the world outside. Outside noises can disturb daily living, even more so now that people continue to work from their homes. Sound-reducing windows are especially beneficial to those who live in business districts or close to airports and railroads because they reduce noise and create a relaxing space.

The Best Window Contractor

Trends come and go, but they are a great place to look for inspiration. United Builders can help when you are ready for a trendy window replacement. For high-quality windows, call us at (619) 583-7171 or click here for a free consultation!