Shall I Repair or Replace my Windows?

February 28, 2020 by


You usually have two options when it comes to windows that have problems. You can choose to repair or replace them. If you had an accident that destroyed the frame of the window, like a falling branch, then the replacement is obviously needed. Many times though windows have multiple smaller issues and it is hard to tell if a replacement is needed or if you can still save the window.

At United Builders we have seen it all. It is our job to evaluate the situation and to advise the homeowners if they need new windows or not. Here are a few most common situations:

Minor Window Issues

New windows are almost always a preferred option, but minor issues can be fixed if the homeowners would like to hold off on window replacement.

  1. Windows don’t open and close well.Before going for a window replacement you might want to try replacing the hardware. In many cases replacing the operating or sash hardware and lubricating the track will fix the problem.
  1. You Can Feel a Slight Draft Coming Through the WindowOld windows start letting air in and out when the weatherstripping gets old. Sometimes replacing weather stripping is a cost-effective solution.
  2. The screens are damaged.

Pet owners know that damaged screens are not the reason for window replacements. Just replace the screens and you will be good to go.

Window Replacement Is Necessary When:

Old, outdated and severely damaged windows usually need replacement. In many cases the benefits of window replacement make it your best option.

  1. The Home Is Over 60 Years Old

This has to do with lead paint that was used in the USA before 1978. If the house was built before 1960, most likely it has lead. In this case window replacement is the best option since opening and closing the damaged windows might release dangerous lead dust.

  1. The windows are rotten

Water leaks and continuous moisture around a window damages the sash and frame. In many cases the damage is too great for repair and replacement is the best option. In this case, before replacing the windows, it is important to find the source of the leak to avoid potential future damage to the house.

  1. Warped Windows

Warped windows have to be replaced. They look really bad and are a source of drafts, water leakage and high energy bills. Window replacement will take care of all these problems at once.

  1. There is condensation between the panes of glass

Dual pane and triple pane windows are known for their energy efficiency. When their seals fail, moisture enters the space between the panels of glass. In this case, the windows lose their energy efficiency and have to be replaced.

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