Retrofit Windows vs New Construction Windows

November 27, 2020 by


When it comes to changing your windows, one of the biggest decisions will consist of whether you choose retrofit or new construction windows. But before deciding on which route you’ll go with, it is important that you know the differences between retrofit windows vs new construction windows.

Retrofit Windows

Also known as replacement windows, retrofit windows fit right onto the window’s opening. They’re used to replace existing windows from your home. Retrofit windows are usually less expensive than new construction windows as they require less labor to install. Homeowners who want a quicker installation time and have a limited budget would be better suited for retrofit windows. More money can be saved in parts and labor costs with this option since the contractor would only have to measure the window frame, remove the existing window, and install the new window in place. Unlike new construction which requires a lot more labor and parts.

When to Choose Retrofit Windows

In summary, it’s best to choose retrofit windows when:

  • You want a quick installation
  • You have a tighter budget
  • Your window frame is in good shape
  • You’re happy with the size and location of your existing windows

New Construction Windows

New construction windows are used most of the time for new homes or home additions since they don’t have an existing window. However, homeowners can also choose to do this option if they want to add a completely new window to their home. Despite its name of new construction, people aren’t limited to using this type of window only when they’re building a new home. It can also be a good alternative when they’re completing a major remodeling or when the window’s studs or frame have sustained significant damage. Unlike replacement windows, new construction windows need to be installed on the framing directly. This option takes a little more time than retrofit windows as more labor is required.

When to Choose New Construction Windows

Simply put, it is best to choose new construction windows when:

  • You’re existing windows frames are in bad shape
  • You’re building a home or doing a home addition
  • You’re unhappy with the size, shape, and/or location of your existing windows
  • You want to add a completely new window on a solid wall
  • If you have a severely damaged wall that needs repair

Window Re-flashing

Many contractors won’t touch the rotten wood frame around the window, but United Builders can help. The process for fixing this problem is called window re-flashing. In this process, we place a barrier that prevents leakage and put stucco around the window and the drywall from the inside. We make sure the walls are paint-ready from both the inside and the outside. This prevents water intrusion and provides better insulation for your home.

Having a good understanding of your options will help you make an educated choice on which option is best for you. We hope this blog helped give you an understanding of the difference between retrofit windows and new construction windows. Most companies do retrofit windows, but United Builders is able to do both! If you decide to get your home retrofit windows or new construction windows, give us at (619) 583-7171 or visit our website here.