Retrofit windows in Upland, California

Our retrofit windows in Upland, California are installed by the best contractors in the industry. United Builders is the go-to window company in Upland, California, and the surrounding areas with years of experience as the leader in new window installation and replacement. Retrofit windows are very affordable because they use the existing window frame and “retrofits” the new window within said frame. This allows our retrofit windows to cut unnecessary costs and still offer a phenomenal new set of windows. The installation process for retrofit windows is really simple. Essentially we just pry out your current window from its frame and replace it. That’s really it.

We take some extra measures to make sure your windows are absolute perfection. We’ll make sure your windows are perfectly leveled, and we seal your window frames to prevent any leaks. Then, we level again. United Builders is a general contractor, so if your window project in Upland, California, requires more than just a window replacement, we are here to help. Would you like to make your patio door larger? Do you need to remove the door and make it a window instead or vice versa? We have the licensing and the experience to make your vision come true. Call United Builders for your every window replacement need in Upland, CA.

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