Reasons to Replace Windows before the Holiday Season

October 31, 2019 by


Reasons to Replace Windows before the Holiday Season

Holidays are coming. If you’ve been putting off buying new windows because it’s winter time, you might want to reconsider. Not only is now a great time to buy new windows, but you’ll probably have a shorter wait time to have them installed and get a better deal too. Here are the reasons to consider investing in replacement windows before the holiday season.

Damaged Windows Will Cost You

Windows in a state of disrepair can be costly, particularly in cooler winter months. Damaged windows with poor sealing let your heated indoor air leak out of your home, while the cool outdoor air is invited inside. The result is a chilly interior and a heating system working overtime to compensate, driving up your energy bills in the process.

Older Windows Attract Mold and Mildew

Even mild California winters bring storms with all forms of precipitation. If your windows are old and worn down, the moisture can penetrate your home and lead to mold and mildew growth, which is a health risk for you and your family.

Holiday Decorations Don’t Look Good in Damaged Windows

Getting replacement windows before winter means that during the holiday season, your home will look its best. Old windows are an eyesore, but new windows can drastically increase your home’s curb appeal and make your home that much more inviting during the holidays.

Window Installation Is a Quick Process

It doesn’t take long at all to replace most windows, and even an entire house’s windows can be done in a day, for the most part. If it is going to take longer for some reason, we will tell you in plenty of time to make arrangements with your schedule. Of course, we also work on weekends, so you may not have to miss any work to have it done.

Take Advantage of Special Holiday Deals

United Builders offer a payment plan for the windows and installation, so you would be able to get your entire house redone for a very reasonable monthly payment. Plus, the money you could save by replacing old windows with newer, energy-efficient ones can be substantial. Your home will look and feel more comfortable, and you won’t necessarily have to pay for it all up front.

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