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United Builders is your Southern California source for top quality Sliding Patio Doors with Pet Entry at reasonable prices. We don't use high-pressure sales tactics, and we don't outsource the installation. All that, plus our years of Southern California experience, make United Builders your trusted replacement vinyl window and door company in Southern California.

Description of Sliding Patio Doors with Pet Entry

Pet entry doors are identical to traditional sliders but they add the convenience of a built in pet door. Sliding patio doors (sometimes called gliding doors) are composed of two or more glass door panels. One or more of the door panels will slide horizontally to open and close. The sliding takes place on rollers which are hidden in channels. As sliding patio doors are quite common, and often in high traffic areas, they are often in need of replacement. We sell only the top quality vinyl replacement sliding doors for your Southern California home or business.

Common Applications

Sliding patio doors are commonly used in bedrooms and family living areas. They work equally well for ground floor rooms and multi-story homes. A great choice when a sliding patio door is preferred over a hinged one.

Product Literature

View, download or print the Anlin Freedom+ Series brochure for more information about sliding patio doors with a built in pet door.

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Operation of Sliding Patio Doors with a Pet Entry Door

Sliding Patio Door With Pet Door Vinyl Replacement Southern California

Sliding patio doors are very common so most people already know how they operate. One side of the door simply slides toward the opposite side. The section that moves is called the mobile door, which slides horizontally over the stationary door.

Operation of the pet entry door is simple. The pet simply pushes the flap to move through the door panel.

Move your cursor over the illustration to see how sliding patio doors operate.

Benefits of Sliding Patio Doors with a Pet Door

  • Ease and convenience of pet entry without the need to open and close the slider
  • Common and easy to operate
  • Great for nearly any patio or deck
  • Maximizes viewing area and natural light
  • Available in standard and custom sizes

Considerations for Sliding Patio Doors with Pet Entry

Each door type has it's benefits and things to consider. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering sliding patio doors with pet entry for your Southern California home or business...

  • Because of the pet entry, sliding doors with a pet door may be less secure than traditional sliding patio doors.

Product Lines for Sliding Patio Doors with Pet Entry

We sell and install only the highest quality replacement windows and doors in Southern California. We offer vinyl replacement sliding patio doors with pet entry from the following window and door companies:

  • Anlin Window Systems
  • Bayview Windows and Doors
  • Monte Verde Windows and Doors
To learn more about these manufacturers, their product lines and why we sell their products, simply click a name.

United Builders Guarantee

United Builders Southern California Guarantee Know the difference before you buy. Like all of our Southern California replacement windows and doors, sliding patio doors with pet doors come with the United Builders guarantee - one of the best in the industry. Learn more about our Southern California window and door guarantee.