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United Builders specialize in supplying and fitting high quality window replacements throughout the Southern California and Inland Empire area. With more than 27 years in the industry, our expert fitter is a skilled master carpenter who takes pride in his excellent professional window installations. When you choose United Builders to replace your windows, you can be sure of the best quality work and can rest assured that the job will be completed to your satisfaction, with great attention to detail.

United Builders is delighted to offer a comprehensive range of replacement windows to suit all types of homes. Whether you are looking for single or double hung windows, energy efficient panes or a lifetime warranty to bring you complete peace of mind for your purchase, we can accommodate your needs. So what are the advantages of choosing our window replacement service?

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Save Money

Today, everyone is looking for a way to cut back on their household expenses, and what better way than by slashing your energy bills? United Builders can offer you replacement window solutions that can bring you huge savings on your utility bills. Buying replacement windows from us is an investment that can continue saving you money for many years to come.


With eco-friendliness being one of the buzzwords of the day, it’s no wonder that we are all trying to cut back on our carbon footprint. One way to do this is to replace your windows with energy efficient alternatives from United Builders. Not only will you save money on your bills, but you can be happy in the knowledge that you are doing your bit for the good of the environment.

Reduce Noise

There is more traffic on the road these days than ever before, and if your home is located near a freeway or main road, you may be sick of having the constant sound of road noise in your home. These windows may cut the sound dramatically and allow you to enjoy your home in peace and quiet.

Security Features

Nobody wants to become the victim of crime, so take extra measures to protect your home, family and possessions by investing in strong and secure windows from United Builders. Many of our windows come with added security features to give your home added protection.

High Quality Premium Materials

Replacing your windows is not something you want to do regularly, so any purchase is an investment in the future of your home. When you buy replacement windows from United Builders you can benefit from the long life and outstanding performance that you can only get from high quality premium materials.

Boos Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When you buy replacement windows from United Builders, you will increase the value of your home exponentially. As well as offering future buyers all the benefits of lower energy bills and maintenance free windows, you are also boosting your home’s curb appeal.

As you can see, there are a host of excellent reasons to buy replacement windows from United Builders, so upgrade your home today and benefit from our excellent service and professional approach.


  • Lower energy bills

  • Reduce Freeway noise

  • Increase your homes Security. Many windows features are designed to make it more difficult for unwanted people to break in

  • Quality! Constructed of only premium materials to ensure a long life and outstanding performance

  • Virtually maintenance FREE. Windows never need to be painted

  • Increases your homes value

  • Low Maintenance