Window Replacement in Chino Hills, CA

While it doesn’t always happen, many new homes are fitted with cheap windows. To save on building expenses, builders will opt for cost-saving window products that don’t do much for the home. Due to their cheap design, they end up costing homeowners an exorbitant amount of money in heating and cooling costs.

Take a look at this window replacement project we completed in Chino Hills, CA. Homeowner Glenn contacted us because he was tired of dealing with the heat. The heat transfer in his was getting out of hand, causing his HVAC system to work overdrive. Despite the efforts, Glenn’s windows were letting out all the cool air.

Now, thanks to his new windows, Glenn is able to manage his home’s internal temperature better than ever. He is incredibly pleased with his replacement windows, and so are we.

At United Builders, we offer an excellent selection of heat-reflective window products that allow homeowners to keep the heat of their homes. Contact our home improvement experts for details. Call (909) 969-8976 or click here for a FREE consultation.