Geometric Shapes

Unique Creation

Geometric windows will let you complete the unique distinction to your home’s interior and exterior views, while it will also allow you to vividly capture a bit more of the world surrounding you. From the most simple to the very sublime, you can choose the shape, size and the configuration to create your home’s owns personality and its own points of interest, while you are enhancing that special space with plenty of sunlight. You can be your own designer. We are here to help you complete your own unique creation.

Choose your shape:

  • The Complete Full circle
  • Just the Circle top
  • The Circle top with the extended legs
  • The Raised Eyebrow
  • The Eyebrow with the extended legs
  • The Octagon
  • The Flying Trapezoid
  • The Important Pentagon
  • The Quarter round
  • The Triangle

Customized Windows

With our windows and doors, you have got plenty of options to choose from to help beautify your window or door. There are limitless variations of the fine architectural styles we can provide you with just the look you want along with the energy saving performances you are use to with our licensed company. The series of geometric architectural shaped windows are available in a wide variety of styles to suit all of your home window or door needs.

Let the owner of United Builders help you choose the right type of style for your home. Choose our professional installation services to make you order complete. Get a complete warranty with any order. We strive in delivering excellence and client like you keep our company climbing to the top.

You have come to the best place on the web in search for geometric shaped windows. You can fill out the short form to request a quote. We will provide every client with a timely response. Casement windows act similar to a door on a hinge, and are complete with a crank out feature for opening and closing. Casement windows open outward, usually to the left or to the right. The mulled casement windows are joined completely together. The double and the triple casement window combination are just common for the residential window replacements.

Five Star Ratings

Geometric styled windows add beauty to your whole home and they also attract attention. Your home can stand out in your community with beautifully shaped windows. You can make a statement in your neighborhood with these beautiful architecturally styled windows. They can be really expensive if you choose to purchase them somewhere else, but here they come at a very reasonable price. They not only add beauty but value to your home. These windows have received five star ratings by our loyal clients who have had them installed on their homes.

Our company respects all clients privacy and we never share your info with other companies. We also ensure that your payments are completely safe and secure. We invite you to browse our site and look at some fine geometric styled windows.