Is Water on the New Window Track Normal?

You may be wondering about water leakage on your brand-new window track but don’t worry. It is perfectly normal for your window track to have some water. There is a drainage system in your windows designed into them, and they are commonly known as “weep holes.” These have been purposely placed to drain water out of your window and at the same time prevent airflow. The weep holes need cleaning and maintenance.

Is Water on the New Window Track Normal?

Proper Maintenance for Drainage System

Weep hole locations:

*Outside bottom corner of the window

*The inner bottom of screen track

*On the inside below the window track sliding windows.

Is Water on the New Window Track Normal?

Drainage systems:

* Water accumulates in the sill or track area while there is rain driven by a strong wind. This is perfectly normal.

*It is highly suggested to inspect weep holes and make sure they are clean when excessive rain is anticipated.

*Make sure that both inside and outside of weep hole are always clear of dust, concrete, sand or building materials.

*To keep weep holes cleared of dirt and debris you can use a soft brush when needed. A can of compressed air can always be used in addition to clear blockages in the exterior weep hole.

Cleaning the frame:

*Before washing you may want to vacuum dirt from windows and track areas.

*A blend of dish soap and water can be used to clean window and door frames.

*Make sure to thoroughly rinse with clean water and polish dry with a wipe.

Glass care:

*The window glass can be clean with a mix of dish soap and water.

*Stay away from washing the glass in direct sunlight

*Never use rough cleaners they may leave permanent damage on the finish or coating of the glass.

*Do not use any petroleum-based cleaning supplies or caustic chemicals on your lens.

*Do not use a sharp razor blade, putty knife or rough pad to clean glass.

*Do not use high-pressure spray faucet when rinsing your windows and doors.

*You can always use products like Spray away Glass Cleaner, Dawn dish soap/water mix or Windex.

United Builders always make sure all windows and doors are perfectly clean during and after installation. If you do decide to do maintenance yourself, we hope you follow these easy steps and tips. For more information you can call us at (909) 969 8976 or email us at

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