How Do Low-E & Argon Gas Windows Increase Efficiency?

December 31, 2021 by


Are you looking to replace your outdated windows but don’t know what windows you should replace them with? Have you been wondering how do Low-E & argon gas windows increase efficiency? In this blog, our United Builders team explains the difference between the two window types and which replacement window is the best for your home.

Low-E Coating Vs. Argon Gas

If you’re wondering what the difference between Low-E coating and argon gas windows is, we’re here to tell you! Knowing the difference between Low-E coating vs. argon gas windows is crucial when selecting the right windows for your home. Low-E windows are coated with a material to reflect rays, whereas the critical part of the argon gas window is actually between two panes of glass. Argon gas windows have either two or three panes with a sealed space between them.

Coating Blocks UV Rays

One of the main benefits of the Low-E coating is that it helps reduce the amount of UV light that comes into your home. UV light can cause sun damage and fade cloth fabrics like your carpeting, curtains, or even furniture in your home.

Windows Still Allow Natural Light

Low-E windows are mainly known for their ability to block UV rays. However, they also let in visible light from the sun. Low-E glass filters out a minimal amount of visible light, but you won’t notice much difference from standard windows. If you think Low-E windows might be right for you, reach out to our United Builders experts, who can assist you with all of your home renovation needs.

Glass Reduces Utility Bill

Low-E windows reduce infrared light from the outside and prevent heat transfer from the inside. These windows will ultimately keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer during the winter. You’ll be more comfortable during the changing of the seasons while also saving money on your utility bill!

Why You Should Choose United Builders!

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