How Do I Know I am Getting the Best Windows?

August 11, 2020 by


Buying new replacement windows is a big investment, so it’s important to get the best windows a company can offer. But how exactly do you know if you’re getting the best windows? In this blog, we’ll tell you!

When looking to buy the best windows, here are some things you should look at:


You want to look for energy-efficient windows. Why? Because they will keep the cool air in your home during summer months and heat during winter months. This will help you keep your energy bill low and your comfort level at an all-time high! What more could you ask for?

Window Performance Reviews 

Before purchasing new replacement windows, you want to do your research on the brand and company installing them. This means reading other homeowner’s reviews and experience with those same windows, so you know what to expect. Doing your research ahead of time ensures you get the best windows possible for your home.

How the Windows are Built

Every window manufacturer makes their windows a little different, and those differences can determine whether you get good high-quality windows or low-quality windows. At United Builders, we’re proud to say we only sell top of the line windows from Anlin Windows & Doors.


When looking for the best windows, you also want to look at their warranty. At United Builders, we don’t just offer our customers with any warranty… We give our customers a DOUBLE LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of our windows and doors! So don’t waste your time talking to other companies that only offer a lifetime warranty.

What are you paying for?

Do you know exactly what you’re paying for when buying new windows? Are you paying for windows and installation, or are you paying for marketing and advertisement costs? Fortunately, with United Builders, there is no overhead, so you are not paying for TV and radio commercials, just windows and installation.

Choose United Builders

These are the things you need to look for to find the best windows. And at United Builders, we care about all of these qualities, which is why we only offer Anlin Windows & Doors.

Why Anlin Windows are the Best Windows?

  • Energy-efficient windows and doors made in America
  • Noise reduction and the latest energy-saving technology
  • Exceptional quality and beauty
  • The top replacement window and door manufacturer
  • 5-star Consumer Rated Service and Warranty

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