Anlin's Full Lifetime Warranty

For products manufactured on or after March 1, 2009

on Del Mar, Catalina, Coronado and Malibu Vinyl Windows
& Vinyl Patio Doors for Homeowners

What Anlin’s Full Lifetime Warranty Means to You

When you purchase Anlin Del Mar, Catalina, Coronado and Malibu vinyl windows and doors for your home, your products are backed by the best warranty in the industry. At no cost to you, and for as long as you live in your home, Anlin will repair or replace any properly installed and maintained product determined to be defective in materials or workmanship. So you can enjoy the beauty and energy efficiency of your Anlin windows with a lifetime of peace of mind.

Full Lifetime Warranty Overview (AZ, CA, or NV)

Coverage Summary

Applies to Del Mar, Catalina, Coronado and Malibu windows and doors manufactured by Anlin Window Systems


Includes all parts and shipping for covered products and services


Includes all labor costs for covered products and services

Glass Replacement

Accidental glass breakage replacement for most glass

Homes owned and continuously occupied by the Purchaser

Free for a Lifetime

Free for a Lifetime

Free for a Lifetime

Subsequent Owners of Homes

Free for 15 Years

From date of installation

Free for 15 Years

From date of installation

Free for 10 Years

From date of installation

With Anlin’s Full Lifetime Warranty on Del Mar, Catalina, Coronado and Malibu products, the answer is YES!

Is Anlin's warranty a FULL Lifetime Warranty? YES! If you are the original purchaser, your warranty is in effect for as long as you live in your home. Anlin will repair or replace covered products that are defective in materials or workmanship as longs as they as they have been properly installed and maintained.
Are parts, shipping and labor free to me? YES! Anlin will cover ALL COSTS, INCLUDING PARTS, SHIPPING AND LABOR to repair or replace covered products. You won't need to pay a cent. There are no hidden costs.
Will Anlin replace my glass if I break it accidentally? YES! When you purchase and install covered Anlin products, we are happy to extend complimentary glass replacement for accidental breakage for as long as you live in your home. And, should you sell your home, subsequent owners are covered for a period of 10 years from the date of original installation. This complimentary service includes standard and even specialty glasses such as obscured, tinted, tempered and V-Groove! The only exclusion is laminated glass.
Is the warranty in effect automatically? YES! Once your Anlin purchase and installation is complete, your warranty is in effect. You don't have to submit anything to Anlin. It is a good idea to fill your order information on the front of the warranty certificate and put it in a file so you can reference it should you need to obtain service. But you will receive service for covered claims with or without your certificate.
Is it easy to obtain service under the warranty? YES! All you have to do is contact the contractor or builder who installed your products or Anlin directly. Then provide reasonable access for us to examine the product for defects and make covered repairs.
Will repairs be done by a qualified person? YES! Anlin's highly trained service technicians know every Anlin product literally inside and out. When one of our service technicians arrives in a specially-outfitted Anlin service truck, you'll be glad you chose Anlin.
Is it easy to transfer the warranty to the new owner if I sell my home? YES! The warranty automatically remains in effect for the new owner and any subsequent owners for a period of 15 years from the original date of product installation on parts and labor, and 10 years on glass replacement. Neither you nor the new owner needs to submit any documentation or transfer fees. In fact, if you are selling your home, the quality of your Anlin windows and the warranty behind them might become an important benefit to mention to prospective buyers!
Does Anlin give me options? YES! If Anlin or its representative determines that repairing the product isn't feasible or cannot be done in a timely manner, you may choose to have Anlin replace the defective product or refund your original purchase price.
Anlin Vinyl Windows & Patio Doors Warranties


States other than Hawaii

For products manufactured

before March 1, 2009


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