According to Zillow, Kiplinger, Remodelling Magazine and Bank Rate.com all list Energy Windows is one if the top 8 remodeling projects that have major paybacks when selling your home (obviously as long as you don’t overpay).

New windows can be a major selling point for the following reasons:

  • Windows make your home more energy efficient
  • Windows make your home look brighter
  • Windows make your home more appealing
  • Windows make your life easier

While it is true that fiberglass and fibrex frames have certain characteristics that could be considered better than vinyl windows, we want to explain why we don’t think they tip the scale in their favor. It all comes down to value . Most people want the best value for their hard earned dollar. The extra money for fiberglass windows which average double the price of vinyl and fibrex which average $3000 per window is simply not worth it. One of the ‘advantages ‘those manufacturers tout in their marketing is the strength of their frames. However this doesn’t give the homeowner any sort of advantage . When you consider that windows don’t provide any structural support to a home and don’t need to support heavy loads (that is the job of the header beam above every window and door), it becomes a moot point . Vinyl frames are more than adequate for any home when it comes to it’s strength.

Argon gas being much denser than air is used to increase the thermal energy efficiency of the windows. The space between the two panes of glass are filled
with argon gas to slow the transfer of heat and sound. It is preferable to air because air contains moisture that can condense on the inside of the glass units
making it cloudy. Often times people who sell cheap low end windows tell consumers that you don’t need argon gas as it is only used in cold climates, it all leaks out and its poisonous. None of that is true. It is a non toxic inert gas and occurs naturally in the air we breathe . If you compare the energy efficiency with and without argon gas, it improves the efficiency about 18%. High end windows don’t have an issue with leaking and in the unlikely event it did happen it is covered under warranty.

Yes . Windows can be the weak link in the transmission of unwanted sound into a home. Sound is transmuted by vibration so the heavier the window the more it
will dampen the sound from freeway traffic or barking dogs. For areas with extreme sound problems for instance next to a railway line we can offer the optional Sound Package Upgrade which is triple thickness offset glass for a minimal cost.