Choosing Patio Doors for Your Home

Patio doors come in various styles, so what should you look for when choosing the perfect one for your home? There are three basic types: sliding patio doors, folding patio doors, and swinging or French patio doors. Each is customizable and can be made from wood, vinyl, fiberglass, steel, or aluminum. When choosing patio doors for your home, look for the following features to ensure you pick the one that fits perfectly.

Types of Patio Doors 

Sliding Patio Doors have a modern look and create a seamless transition, typically out to backyards and patios. They are the most popular patio door style. These doors use a track and sliding mechanism with two adjustable self-lubricating rollers that allow easy usage. Sliding patio doors also have large glass panels that allow natural light in, making small spaces appear larger and more prominent.

Folding Patio Doors open like an accordion. These doors are low maintenance and ideal if you are combining two rooms. They have a modern, sophisticated look and can add personality to period-inspired homes. These doors also operate easily using a track and sliding mechanism that takes up very little space.

Swinging and French Patio Doors are elegant and dramatic. Like traditional doors, they consist of two side-by-side doors that open up and allow for a larger and grander entrance. Typically, French doors open into the dining room from the kitchen or the living room to the patio area. These doors are the easiest to clean of the three patio doors and are simple to operate.

Patio Door Questions to Ask

After choosing the type of patio door that best suits your space, you’ll want to consider its features next. Here are a few questions you should ask to ensure you get the patio door that is perfect for you and your home:

Are the Bearings Stainless? 

Stainless bearings should be a requirement for patio doors because they can withstand the changes in weather that they will be exposed to throughout the year. If the bearings are anything other than stainless, they will rust, resulting in damages that can make the doors unsafe and maybe even unusable.

Do They Have a Security Lock? 

Most sliding doors have a security lock on the top of the door or by the handle. You can also add a secondary locking system, such as a loop lock. Blocking the tracks from the bottom part also provides additional security.

Are They Easy to Operate?

Patio doors are easy to operate and open smoothly and quietly. As long as the glass panels and hinges are installed correctly, the patio door should be secure and easily usable for as long as you have it. When you purchase your door, don’t forget to ask about the warranty and if repairs or replacements are unlimited should any components become loose or break. If lubricants need to be applied, don’t forget to ask what type is recommended.

Choosing Patio Doors for Your Home

How Energy-Efficient Are They? 

Patio doors are not just aesthetically pleasing, but they are also energy-efficient. You can ask for a patio door with multiple glass panes or gas between the panes to help with insulation and thermal conductivity. Low-E coating is a thin coat of metallic particles that can be added to your door’s glass to reflect heat. You can ask for it to be added to both sides of the glass or between the glass layers. Along with the features, you should also consider the materials’ quality. Here are a few options:


One of the most durable materials for patio doors is wood. It is a little more costly but will last for many years. Wood doors can be sealed, stained, painted, and cut into many shapes and designs. Wood doors are easy to maintain after sealing, which prevents moisture damage. You can even repair minimal scratches easily and quickly. 


Vinyl patio doors are affordable, durable, customizable, and easy to install. Vinyl is a good material for patio doors because it is resistant to extreme temperatures and is available in various finishes. Vinyl patio doors will not need painting or staining and come in various pre-designed styles you can choose from.


Fiberglass is weather resistant and used to protect your home from heavy rain and intense heat. It is energy-efficient and allows natural light to open up space quickly. Fiberglass is an excellent energy saver that can be leakproof and provide an added layer of security when sealed well. Doors constructed from this material also require very little maintenance.


Steel is an excellent choice for traditional and industrial-themed spaces. They add character to your space and offer long-lasting security. Steel frames are thin yet sturdy, giving your home a sleek and polished look. Steel’s ability to be curved and shaped makes it a top choice for patio door material.

Choosing Patio Doors for Your Home


While aluminum is not as sturdy as steel, it can also achieve a thin frame like steel patio doors but for less of a price. It also achieves narrow sightlines and uses less frame material, allowing for more glass, and creating the illusion of a bigger window. It can be molded into other materials, is highly resistant to the elements, and does not easily crack or swell. Like fiberglass and steel, aluminum is durable and easy to maintain.

Install a New Patio Door with United Builders

A new patio door can make an incredible difference to your home. It creates an open and welcoming atmosphere and eliminates any cramped feelings that your previous doors could have created. Opening up and combining your spaces will allow more movement for when you host gatherings, and after the event, you can close the doors again for privacy. New patio doors also allow air to move more freely, bring in the morning sunlight, and lower energy bills. If you are looking for a trustworthy company to replace your patio door, contact united Builders. We can answer all your questions about which patio door is right for you and your home. Call (909) 969-8976, or click here for a FREE estimate today!