Tips on What to Look for in a Window Replacement Company


If you are looking to replace your windows and patio doors, you might be wondering if you could do it yourself or get some help from a friend of a family member, but window replacement is not a DIY project. There are multiple advantages to hiring a professional to do your installation as opposed to do it yourselfer. The do-it-yourselfer is usually not factory trained or authorized to install the products, so it often will void your warranty. And you want a warranty, so go with the professional. So how do you find a quality window replacement company? Word-of-mouth advertising [...]

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All About Window Anatomy


Parts of a Window: Terms and Definitions Before you start thinking about your window replacement it's a great idea to familiarize yourself with everything about window anatomy. This way you know exactly what your project consultant is talking about during your quote. Of course a big part of the window is the glass pane. In modern windows glass panes are joined together in an airtight sealed unit. This is a double effect on the energy efficiency of the window. First, when sealed together the glass panes are much better at preventing heat and air loss. The airtight unit also allows [...]

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Should I Still Go Through With My Window and Door Replacement Project?


With spring here, many of you were planning on making some improvements to your home... Exciting right? Well, unfortunately, along with spring also came the Coronavirus, making you and many other homeowners second guess whether or not to continue with your home improvement plans. Of course, this is a hard decision because you want to make sure it's a safe decision. Well, don't worry, we're here to help you decide! We will give you all the pros and cons of going through with your window and door replacements. Pros It gives you something to do!  If you're stuck at home with nothing [...]

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Shall I Repair or Replace my Windows?


You usually have two options when it comes to windows that have problems. You can choose to repair or replace them. If you had an accident that destroyed the frame of the window, like a falling branch, then the replacement is obviously needed. Many times though windows have multiple smaller issues and it is hard to tell if a replacement is needed or if you can still save the window. At United Builders we have seen it all. It is our job to evaluate the situation and to advise the homeowners if they need new windows or not. Here are [...]

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How do I clean vinyl windows and doors?


Properly caring for and maintaining your Anlin windows and doors will ensure that they last longer and provide exceptional performance. How to clean your Anlin window frame? The vinyl frames on your windows and doors can be cleaned with mild, nonabrasive soap and water. Rinse completely with clean water and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Here are the steps to follow: When cleaning your window frame use a mixture of mild dish soap and water along with a non-abrasive sponge. Let the excess cleaning solution run off the sponge. Then use the sponge to wash the window frame. Use [...]

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Can You Paint Vinyl Windows? 


There is some disagreement on this topic, as experts keep arguing on whether it's cost-effective to paint vinyl window frames. Explore the pros and cons of painted vinyl windows. Common Painted Vinyl Windows Problems Vinyl windows can be painted, but that does not mean they should be painted. Generally, home contractors will tell you painting vinyl window frames is a viable option, while window manufacturers will contradict them. The major drawback is that paint does not adhere well to vinyl. This results in paint flaking off, leaving you with windows that look worse than they did before you painted them. The color you choose can also be a [...]

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Noise Reduction Window Systems


Noise Reduction Window Systems We often hear our clients complain that they're tired of hearing the next-door neighbor mowing his lawn at 7 a.m. on Saturday or are sick of his barking dog. United Builders offers a great solution to the annoying noise pollution. If you are experiencing a lot of noise in your home, take advantage of acoustic control benefits of new window designs and window-installation techniques. Key Factors Two key factors affect a window's sound transmission coefficient (STC): the window's design and its installation. Windows, as with other materials, are rated with an STC, which indicates how well [...]

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Dual-Pane Replacement Windows


Dual-Pane Replacement Windows Windows are obviously mostly made of glass, so it makes sense that the kind of glass on your replacement windows is very important. If you’re shopping for replacement windows, you need to be sure you’re choosing the right kind of glass. At United Builders we recommend dual-pane replacement windows. The two most common kinds of window glass are single-pane and dual-pane. The main difference between the two is the number of glass layers. Single-pane glass only has one layer of glass, while dual-pane has two. This difference in layers is crucial for the function of your replacement windows. [...]

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Reasons to Replace Windows before the Holiday Season


Reasons to Replace Windows before the Holiday Season Holidays are coming. If you’ve been putting off buying new windows because it’s winter time, you might want to reconsider. Not only is now a great time to buy new windows, but you’ll probably have a shorter wait time to have them installed and get a better deal too. Here are the reasons to consider investing in replacement windows before the holiday season. Damaged Windows Will Cost You Windows in a state of disrepair can be costly, particularly in cooler winter months. Damaged windows with poor sealing let your heated indoor air [...]

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Can New Windows Actually Save You Money?


Many homeowners are asking the question, “Can energy efficient replacement windows really save me money?” The answer is, “Absolutely!” Here we’ll explain how. Do replacement windows really pay for themselves? Replacement windows will pay for themselves, if you select high-quality, energy-efficient windows. Savings will vary, but expertly engineered and well-built windows lower home energy consumption. With vinyl framed or fiberglass framed windows, maintenance is also virtually eliminated. No need to scrape and paint windows. These energy and maintenance savings will allow you to recoup your window investment over time. How can energy-efficient replacement windows save me money? Replacement windows with insulated frames and energy-efficient [...]

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