How Long Do Sliding Patio Doors Last?


Sliding patio doors are one of the best features a home can have. They provide you with easy access to your outdoor area, increased natural light for your home’s interior, and a big aesthetic boost for any type of home. Investing in a patio door is always a smart decision. However, how long do sliding patio doors last? Keep on reading to find out! Sliding Patio Doors Sliding patio doors, sometimes referred to as gliding patio doors, are a popular choice within Southern California Homes. They usually consist of two-panel sections; one being fixed and one being mobile to slide [...]

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6 Things To Know Before Buying Replacement Windows


Have you noticed your windows are causing problems and decide it's time to buy new ones? While it initially seemed as easy as making a quick trip to Home Depot and picking up a couple of new windows, you've likely come to realize the process is a little more complex. To get the best performance possible and avoid having to replace them again in a couple of years, we've created a list of 6 things to know before buying replacement windows. What Type of Materials Are the Windows? There are a wide variety of window materials that all come with [...]

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Energy Star Windows


When shopping for home upgrades, homeowners should keep an eye out for ENERGY STAR windows and appliances. This rating verifies that the product uses around 20-30% less energy than its non-certified counterparts. You'll be able to reduce your energy bills and make your home more comfortable during all seasons. Know that not all ENERGY STAR products are built the same. Some are more energy-efficient or durable than others, so you want to shop around a little bit. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the best energy-efficient windows for your home. Main Factors to Consider U-Factor: This [...]

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6 Questions to Ask Your Window Contractor


6 Questions to Ask Your Window Contractor Most people are not familiar with vinyl replacement windows until it's time to swap out their old windows. When learning about your window options and shopping around, you want to make sure that you're getting the best service at the best price. To two most essential parts of the process are high-quality windows and a flawless installation. Today we'll focus on installation. This blog will list out 6 questions to ask your window contractor to help determine their reputation, reliability, and experience. It will allow you to be confident with your window contractor selection and ensure [...]

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Top 5 Window Trends for 2021


Top 5 Window Trends for 2021 2021 is here, and so are the window trends that are going to be big this year. As more people spend time indoors, the look of windows is becoming an integral aspect of interior design. This blog will go over the top 5 window trends for 2021 to make sure your windows are up with the times. With stay-at-home orders during the pandemic, homeowners have begun tackling home improvement projects to better the look of the homes. Windows are an ideal investment as they give homeowners the opportunity to freshen up the look, energy-efficiency [...]

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The Best Windows for Every Room in the House


The Best Windows for Every Room in the House Choosing the optimal window for each room of the house can be a difficult task. Each room benefits from different windows, which is why it is important that you choose the right one for it. Balancing functionality with aesthetics is key to maintaining a cohesive look throughout your home. The blog will go over the best windows for every room in the house. Kitchen Windows Whenever we think about kitchen windows, the first thing that pops up in our mind is the window above the kitchen sink. Casement windows are a [...]

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Retrofit Windows vs New Construction Windows


When it comes to changing your windows, one of the biggest decisions will consist of whether you choose retrofit or new construction windows. But before deciding on which route you’ll go with, it is important that you know the differences between retrofit windows vs new construction windows. Retrofit Windows Also known as replacement windows, retrofit windows fit right onto the window’s opening. They’re used to replace existing windows from your home. Retrofit windows are usually less expensive than new construction windows as they require less labor to install. Homeowners who want a quicker installation time and have a limited budget [...]

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Anlin Catalina Window Glass Packages: What Anlin Window Glass Package is Right for You?


Deciding on which window glass is right for your home is a difficult task. The good thing is that Anlin is providing window glass packages that are specially made for different types of climates. This blog will go over the different packages to help you decide which glass package is right for you. Anlin SunShield for Hot Climates Anlin SunSheild is the perfect glass package for hot climates. It provides the best solar control. It is tinted with blue/gray triple energy-efficient coating which reflects the sun’s heat, reducing your home’s heat gain. It also provides glare control and lowers the [...]

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Anlin In-Glass Pet Door


Give your pet the choice to enter or leave the house at will. Get a pet door! You will no longer have to go open the door every time your pet wants in or out. With Anlin In-Glass pet doors, you can worry less and let your pet enjoy more!  Anlin In-Glass Pet Doors Our Anlin in-glass pet doors can be built on swinging French doors and Malibu Sliding patio doors. You can also choose to lock the pet door to keep your pet in and unwanted critters out. The pet door is specially designed to block out exterior weather, [...]

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How Windows Help Air Quality In Your Home


The numerous wildfires in California are affecting the air quality outdoors. Health officials are recommending people stay indoors to prevent them from inhaling the smoke. But are your windows preventing air infiltration? Air Infiltration You might be wondering, "What is air infiltration?" It is the amount of air that passes through your windows. In other words, it's air leakage. How To Prevent Air Infiltration You want to make sure that your windows are preventing air infiltration. To ensure you have the best results, your windows should be installed by a professional window replacement company. Most homeowners automatically assume that having [...]

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