Casement Bays & Bows Windows

Stylish and Unique

Transform Your Home with Elegance and Functionality

Beauty and functionality combine with our gorgeous line of casement bay and bow windows. Select from our plethora of choices and custom options in order to create a stylish, and unique focal point in any room of your home. All of our windows are manufactured with only the highest quality materials ensuring that each and everyone of our top notch products will not only look amazing, they will also stand the test of time. Our professional installers have years of experience, and we only use the most cutting edge tools and equipment to guarantee that your windows are installed perfectly the first time.

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Energy Efficient

When compared with other types of windows, casement bays and bows tend to add the most value due to the fact that they extend the room, adding the look and feel of additional square footage. A great example of this is incorporating a bay or bow window into a sunny sitting nook in your favorite reading room.

Our entire line of vinyl replacement windows are designed to be extremely energy efficient, and can actually save you upwards of fifty percent on your energy bills. Most likely, the older windows in your home are costing you money each and every month due to the fact that air is leaking outside. You are paying to either heat or cool that very same air. When you first see a bay or bow window you may not be able to tell the differences right away. Both styles do a lot to open up a room, and provide the appearance of additional space. They let in more light and add a bit of sophistication to any room.

The following are some of the differences in casement bays and bows. A bay window’s structure is comprised of a picture window with two additional windows, which are typically smaller, on either side. A bow window is curved in order to create a rounded appearance on the outside of the property. They are often times referred to as four-lite bows or five-lite bows.

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Bay vs. Bow Windows

Bay windows consist of three openings that are available in angled projections. Bow windows typically have four or five openings. Bay windows protrude or stick out further from the wall into the exterior space. This effect creates additional floor space in the interior of the room. Bow windows tend to allow additional light to enter the room due to the fact that they contain more glass panes than bay windows.

Classic Bay


Bay windows only have three panels, so they are not as wide as bow windows. Bay windows have both flat planes and angular lines giving them a contemporary style. They are often considered the better choice for more modern styled homes. Bow windows are perfect for Victorian style properties due to the semi-circular outer structure. That being said it is a matter of personal choice and both types of windows will work in any style home.

Vinyl Bow

Bow windows have the structural ability to be wrapped around the corner of a building. This design aspect creates a unique turret shape on the exterior, and an alluring nook on the interior of the room. Another advantage to this design aspect is the fact that it allows for viewing from two side of the home. At United Builders we pride ourselves on providing our valued customers the best products and services available in the construction industry. Please contact us today for a custom quote on your bay or bow window needs. We look forward to working with you.