Give your pet the choice to enter or leave the house at will. Get a pet door! You will no longer have to go open the door every time your pet wants in or out. With Anlin In-Glass pet doors, you can worry less and let your pet enjoy more! 

Anlin In-Glass Pet Doors

Our Anlin in-glass pet doors can be built on swinging French doors and Malibu Sliding patio doors. You can also choose to lock the pet door to keep your pet in and unwanted critters out. The pet door is specially designed to block out exterior weather, keeping your house comfortable throughout every season of the year.


Anlin In-glass pet doors offer a variety of features that makes it the perfect pet door for your house. Our pet door provides a heavy-duty frame and a durable flap, which will make it last for years and years to come. The flap has a magnetic strip that seals the pathway when not in use.

With the pet door’s slender design, you don’t have to worry about your sliding patio doors not being able to open fully. The functionality of the door won’t be inhibited at all. You can choose the placement of the door to your liking.


You don’t have to worry about the pet door ruining the style or aesthetics of your home. Anlin pet doors come with a variety of colors to choose from. Styles to choose from include:

  • White frame with transparent panel
  • Tan frame with transparent panel
  • Adobe frame with transparent panel
  • White frame with white panel
  • Tan frame with black panel
  • Adobe frame with black panel

Door Sizes

Our pet doors come with various sizes to choose from, making it accessible to pets of all shapes and sizes. Door sizes include small, medium, large, and extra-large.

The small pet doors are designed for pets that weigh up to 15 lbs. Medium handles up to 40 lbs, large handles up to 100 lbs, and extra-large can handle up to 200 lbs. It doesn’t matter if you have a cat, a german shepherd, or an irish wolfhound. There is a perfect pet door for them!

Pet Door Benefits

  • You can say goodbye to playing doorman every time your pet wants to enter or exit the house
  • Pets that have the more freedom are able to release more stress, thus leaving fewer messes and disorders
  • Pets will be able to get more exercise, making them happier and healthier
  • Pets will no longer claw and scratch your doors to come in or go out

Let your pet enjoy more freedom! Get a pet door! If you have any more questions about our Anlin In-Glass Pet Doors, or you would like to get one, call us at (909) 969-8976 or visit our website at

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