aboutus-imgUnited Builders is a family-run general contractor, specializing in window and door replacement in Southern California and the Inland Empire. Unlike our competitors, we offer special savings to our customers because our owners get personally involved in every sale. We have no commissions to pay or hefty advertising expenses. Ultimately we pass these savings along directly to our customers. What does this mean to you? A net savings of 20-50% over our competitors.

Window Replacements are all completed by our experienced master carpenters. We do not hire minimum-waged installers, and our installers pay attention to the details the first time to ensure the job is done right.

Enlargements and Reduction of Openings Alterations and modifications are our specialty. We can move the location of windows or doors or install a French door where a window once resided. We have the ability to reduce the size of openings and complete any drywall or stucco alterations as well.

Professional Installation

The quality of the installation has little to do with the company and everything to do with the crew that they assign to your job. Obviously, some installers are better than others, and the amount you pay is relative to the quality you receive. Many large companies with large advertising budgets are known for paying very low wages for installers. United Builders has installers with many years experience in the window installation business, which guarantees consistency and a quality job every time.

Installation of Replacement Doors

We install easy-to-open vinyl sliding doors or beautiful French doors with hinged sidelights and screens. Our service is then finished with exterior custom trim and interior decorative wood casing.
Opening of Walls – We can install a new window where no window exists and add light to a dark room. We will completely finish any installation with a new header and drywall interior.

Installation of Bay Windows

Bay windows are custom built, on site, with single hung or casement flankers, and supported with cables and built with a custom roof. Finished installation features a beautiful oak interior seat.
Installation of Custom-Sized (Designed) Windows dress up your windows with 3-dimensional grids, etched glass, or casement windows. Windows are measured to 1/8,” and there is no drywall or stucco damage after installation.