Are you looking to install energy-efficient windows? Energy-efficient windows are highly beneficial and offer many features that regular windows lack. When you choose United Builders to replace your windows, you can be sure of the highest quality of work at an affordable price while staying rest assured that the job will be completed to your satisfaction, with great attention to detail. That’s why our team came up with the 5 reasons to install energy-efficient windows in your home.

1. Save Money

When you install energy-efficient windows in your home, you will end up saving a significant amount of money on your electric bills. This is because your windows will insulate your home, so you won’t need to use your HVAC system as often. You can always trust United Builders to ensure that you’re receiving the best products and services for your home and family!

2. Lower HVAC Costs

Energy-efficient windows have lower heating and cooling costs which means that peak loads are reduced. The peak load is what determines the size of the HVAC system you need in your home, and when the peak load is lowered, this means that your home will require a smaller HVAC system. Smaller HVAC systems conveniently require less maintenance. When you install a smaller HVAC system, you save money on both your purchasing and energy expenses.

3. Increased Comfort in Winter Weather

Enjoy insulated warmth in your home when you install energy-efficient windows during the winter. These windows have lower U-factors so that you can comfortably sit near windows even during the cold seasons. The lower the U-factor, the better insulation value and higher airflow resistance a material has. To find out more, speak to one of our United Builders experts.

4. Increased Comfort in Summer Weather

Cool down during the summer with our high-quality energy-efficient windows. Energy Star qualified windows are designed to let in less heat and allow for greater shading due to their lower solar heat gain coefficient

5. Incentives

Before purchasing energy-efficient windows, research the details of any rebates, tax incentives, or special financing that may be offered by the federal or state government or from our United Builders professionals!

Why You Should Choose United Builders!

We hope that these 5 reasons to install energy-efficient windows help you decide which windows you will choose for your window replacement project. If you’re looking to install new windows or doors in your home or want to find out more about our services, speak to one of our United Builders experts. To get started with your window or door replacement project, give us a call at (619) 583-7171 or click here to schedule a free consultation!